On Sunday, Day 1 of the CFHI program, all the July students who would be spending at least part of their time in Quito met at the Amazing Andes School where we were introduced to the teachers and watched a presentation on different safety measures in and around Quito and other Ecuadorian cities.

After this we went out to lunch and then took a tour of the different hospitals that we would be working at over the next four weeks.  This was very helpful as it was our first introduction to the Trolé that runs North/South through the city of Quito.

On Sunday night we got our first exposure to the cities night life in Plaza Foch located in the Mariscal, aka Gringolandia.  The inner plaza is pricier but on Sunday night not much was open so choices were limited.  This was the first night out with a group of about 12 of us from the July Quito program.  For safety precautions we took a taxi back from Plaza Foch.  Comparatively taxis are cheap in Quito and the ride home from the Plaza cost only $3 and was split between Cristell, Mandeep, and myself.  As a side note: Ecuador switched to using the US dollar in the year 2000.

On Monday and Tuesday I had spanish language classes from 8am until 4pm.  My teacher is a man named Marco.  It just so happens that he was the one who picked me up from the airport on Saturday night.  He is a very funny guy who is very helpful and forces us to think and talk more than we would probably like.  The classes were long and tiresome, but very fun and followed Tuesday afternoon by watching the 7-1 Brazilian defeat in the world cup.


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