Upon Arrival

And so the journey begins:

My journey started in Seattle, WA with a redeye flight out of Sea-Tac airport at 12:35am.  This flight took me and another Claremont Colleges Student, Elizabeth Krawczak ’16 who attends Pizter College, to Chicago then Miami and finally onto Quito, Ecuador.

In Miami we met up with two other CFHI students, Jon and Julie who were on their way to Quito for a 4-week program.  Once in Quito we passed though customs only to be met with an hour-and-a-half wait at the airport.  This was actually a good time as we were able to become familiar with each other and begin our friendship.  After this initial wait we all hopped into a small mid 80’s model 2-door Toyota FJ and began our 2 hours journey from the airport to our respective home stays.

I am staying with a very nice grandmother named Señora Beatriz.  She is a mother of 3 sons and grandmother of 9.  I have a roommate, Mandeep, who recently graduated from UCSD and is beginning his gap year before attending medical school starting in the fall of 2015.  Our other house mate is Cristell who attends Rice University in Houston, TX and is a rising Junior.

Finding wifi in the local TropiBurger

View from my 4th floor room

View from my 4th floor room


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