After a 6 hour buss ride I arrive in the small town of Chone which is West of Quito towards the Pacific Ocean.  At my home stay in Chone there are three other students. Lizzie (Pitzer College ’16) along with Billy (Harvard ’17) and Tess (Wheaton College ’16). The next day (Thursday July 10th) we spent the morning in the Chone Hospital following Doctora Diaz.  She is a Cuban Doctor who moved to Ecuador many years ago.

For my first weekend trip of my time in Ecuador I traveled with my other three housemates to the small beach town of Canoa in Western Ecuador.  The town was no more than a main oceanfront street with only a few side streets.

Food was incredible.

Beach was amazing.

The ocean water was almost as warm as the waters in Hawaii.

The sun however, was more intense and I got sunburned on a few body parts.

There would be pictures with this post, but the camera that we were using got dunked in the ocean and we still have not revived it, so unfortunately you will have to use your imagination.  We stayed in a hostel called Coco Loco which was nice as well as cheap and was as close to the ocean as you could hope to be.  At night we went out to a couple different places (not many choices of night life) and met up with this sister-brother duo from Colorado.  She had been teaching English in Ecuador for 6 months and he was down to visit her.

The beach stretched out for miles and at low tide provided the perfect place for people to run, swim, or play soccer.  During my time in Canoa I did all three.


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