Chone Hospital

Let’s start this one off with some photos

Before surgery


After surgery

WP_20140714_09_55_19_Pro WP_20140714_12_30_50_Pro WP_20140714_12_33_41_Pro WP_20140714_12_35_00_Pro


In the series: me pre-operation, the doctors inserting the titanium rod into the radius, the reduced bones with their respective titanium rods, and finally the doctors using glorified bolt cutters (very cool) to cut the protruding wires!!!

Today we went into the Chone Hospital at just after 7am, this is the usual starting time.  The four of us (Billy, Tess, Lizzie, and I) began by following Dra. Diaz around, but due to the lack of pediatric cases we went to follow Dra. Pérez and learn about her internal medicine cases.  At 10am Lizzie and I went down to the OR and were able to see the double reduction from start to finish.  It was amazing in that we were able to be fairly intrusive with our picture taking and were allowed to ask questions and actively learn about the procedure.


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