Clinic and Baños

For my third week in Ecuador, I was back in Quito working at CEPI.  CEPI is a demonology clinic run by Dr. Santiago Palacios.  This is a private clinic and was really clean and well run.  Dr. Palacios was really nice and welcoming and helpful when asked a question.  The other doctors were nice as well, but kept busy by the number of patients that were there every day.  

For the weekend trip I went to Baños.  Baños is a 4 hour bus ride southeast of Quito. It is a small tourist town that is located in a valley along a river.  There we went waterfall repelling, atv riding, and rocking climbing above the river.  During the day we went around to the different artisan markets.  We ate at Blah Blah cafe for breakfast.  The food there was very good and the pancakes were amazing.  


atv riding

atv riding



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