Last Week of Clinic Rotations

This week is the last week of clinic rotations, as it is also the last week of the 4-week program. This week I was at Hospital Militar watching surgeries.  

On monday I saw a stomach bypass where they removed part of the small intestine as well as a large portion of the stomach that was covered in ulcers.  

On tuesday I saw a six-year-old with severe bone malformations.  The procedure I saw was a leg extension where they used part of another hip and drilled/hammered it into place above the six-year-old’s femur to lengthen his left leg.  This was because his left leg was around 3cm shorter than his right at the time of the surgery.  

Today, I saw 3 different surgeries.  The first patient had a double hernia just below the belly button.  The second was a ACL reconstruction.  And the third was a skull reconstruction on a man who had fallen three stories and broken the fall with the right side of his face/head. 

Over all it has been an amazing experience filled with clinical rotations, trips all over the country, and meeting an amazing group of individuals.  


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